ACT Information

Posted Date: 11/15/2017

Spring 2018 State Administration of the ACT© at Grade 11

Grade 11 students enrolled in an Arkansas public or charter school will be given the opportunity to take the ACT in the spring of 2018, at no cost to the student.  Each public and charter school with grade 11 is expected to administer this assessment.  However, parents or guardians may request that their student not participate in grade 11 ACT test administration.

Schools should inform and encourage the parent/guardian of each student in grade 11 to take advantage of the opportunity for their student to take a free ACT. The parents/guardians who object to this test administration must complete the attached Educational Opportunity Refusal form and return it to the school.  Only students with the signed refusal form on file at the school will be exempt from the spring 2018 school-day ACT administration.  Schools must maintain the completed form on file at the school.  Any student that does not have a signed form on file will be expected to test.

Students who have an IEP that indicates the students will participate in the alternate assessment are not required to take the ACT in spring 2018.  The IEP may serve in place of a signed refusal form for these students.